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Rugged Roller

The Rugged Roller is to be used after you have washed your face. Improves muscle function, boosts and maintains skin elasticity, removes fine lines makes skin firm.

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Guasha Board

The Guasha stone is heart-shaped and can be gently pressed along the face and larger muscle groups moving upward and downward. Reduces blackheads, prevents wrinkles, and reduces dark circles and puffiness under eyes. 

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Jade Roller

The Jade Roller is mainly used for the face, gently rolling along your body with each stroke. Relaxes muscles, stimulates circulation, removes toxins and allows a gentle toning and lifting effect. 

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I get up very early to teach online. I keep this product in the fridge and roll it around my eyes before classes. It wakes me up and takes away that sleepy puffiness.

Stephanie V.

It is durable, does not squeak, and feels nice. I use it after moisturizing. I will use the Jade Roller all over my face first then the Guasha Stone on my jaw line. I clean them with hot water after each use. I love the quality of everything!

Alisha B.

I bought this as a gift for a friend who is into massage and she loves it! She uses it daily before sleeping and when waking up in the morning. The look and feel is high quality.

Mark C.

Amazing! Feels great on the face, helps with eye puffiness and headaches and muscle aches. Putting it in the fridge enhances the effect! So happy with this product. Going to buy more for my friends. 

Kim S.